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Study Abroad - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions answered here (will need to scroll down):

  • General information on study abroad

  • Advice on selecting study abroad classes


I’m interested in studying abroad. Where can I get more information?

If you are interested in study abroad programs, your first stop should be the Study Abroad office here on campus. Here is the website to learn more:


It is recommended for you to schedule an advising meeting approximately a year prior to studying abroad so that we can ensure you stay on track to meet DMJ requirements. For example, many overseas production courses aren’t always approved as equivalents for our classes. Therefore, setting up a meeting in advance is recommended.


I’m studying abroad! How do I select my classes? Will classes taken abroad count towards my overall degree requirements?


SUNY students who intend to study abroad or to take classes at another institution to satisfy major requirements in DMJ must obtain my approval. Students who take classes elsewhere to satisfy GE requirements must get prior approval from the Academic Advising office. Students who will be studying full-time at an institution other than SUNY New Paltz and who will be registering and paying for classes at that other institution, must apply for a Leave of Absence. Forms are available in the Office of Academic Advising.


Before choosing classes, the first thing you should do is check out the SUNY course equivalency database. This will give you information on whether the courses you are interested in have already been approved and what requirement they will meet. It is available here:


After you check out this general spreadsheet of possible classes, you can explore this second spreadsheet which gives information on previous courses DMJ students took abroad and what requirements they were approved to meet. Many study abroad institutions may already be listed here!

Remember both these above lists are ONLY looking back at which courses past students took and got approved – it's not a comprehensive list of ALL courses.

If you are interested in courses not on either list that you want to count for a DMJ requirement, I will ask you to check out our own course catalog first and try to identify a few classes that you think are similar to the course you are interested in taking while abroad:

Once you have a few ideas of courses from our catalog that are similar, we will need to evaluate the course. Things we will look at include prerequisites, learning outcomes, and competencies to determine if the course you are interested in better fits lower-division vs upper-division. We then compare the syllabi of the abroad course you want to take against ours. This means that you will need to obtain the study abroad course syllabi AND identify possible similar courses in our catalog BEFORE scheduling a meeting with me.

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