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Challenges of teaching an ethnographic research based course:

1) Breaking up the parts of the process in discrete steps; helping students stay on track throughout semester so it doesn't pile up at end;

2) Condensing the research process, especially with ethnographic work. I think my approach of teaching methodology right away was good, however should have gotten them moving on their own assignments earlier, which leads me to....;

3) Stay on top of the IRB situation, or it can contribute to delays when you're already on a short timeframe;

4) With an ethnographic course, best way to replicate process is to emphasize quality of participants rather than quantity;

5) Require research meetings with students along the way. I required one meeting, but it wasn't enough. More meetings would have helped me check-in so students didn't fall far behind.

I'm sure I'll have more to add by the time finals arrive.... :)



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