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Happy Holidays! I'm writing from chilly CT, hard at work on the syllabus for my spring course at Trinity entitled, "Media, Culture and Technology: Communication in the Gig Economy."

Still refining the readings over the next two weeks, but excited to share the overview of the class.

Course Description

"This research-based Media, Culture & Technology course in the Department of Communication draws on interdisciplinary readings in communication, marketing, sociology and labor studies to offer a dynamic, critical view of the role of digital technology in transforming our economic lives. First, the class takes a historical look at how communication work has transformed in the modern era. We will consider how the shift from an industrial to an information economy – and forces of globalization – have interacted to profoundly transform communication work. Second, we will analyze competing theories about digital labor and its social and cultural role in society, such as research on “immaterial labor” and the “sharing economy.” Third, we analyze the rationales and economic pressures that motivate precarious digital workers in the communication field, including freelance journalists, fashion bloggers, Instagram marketing “influencers”, and professional gamers. Finally, we will consider the ways in which globally dispersed digital communication technologies are contributing to a digital workforce divide, restructuring relations of power among communication workers and reshaping modern labor movements."

Key Words: communication work; media work; gig economy; sharing economy; digital labor; freelance; immaterial labor; information economy; flexible work; passionate labor; aspirational labor; venture labor; playbor; digital workforce divide; digital divide

Happy New Year! 🎊🎊



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