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Financial Aid/ Scholarships - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions answered here (will need to scroll down):

  • General information on financial aid

  • How financial aid impacts registration

  • Where to direct financial aid questions


How do I obtain more information on financial aid, grants, or other scholarship opportunities?


Student Financial Services is the correct office to consult for more information on financial aid or scholarship opportunities.


Here is the link to their website with more information:

How does aid impact my course schedule and/or registration?


First, it is important that you contact Financial Aid if you have questions about your awards and what you need to do in order to keep those awards. Aid and scholarship packages are unique for every student, and academic advisors do not have access to information regarding your aid, scholarship, or financial status with the university.


However, generally speaking, most students must take at least 12 credits per semester to maintain financial aid towards their program of study, which includes credits for:

  • Primary Major (second majors don’t count!)

  • The Upper-Division Requirements

  • The Liberal Arts Credit Requirement

  • The Writing Intensive Credit Requirement

  • The GenEd Credit Requirement

  • A minor or concentration ONLY WHEN REQUIRED by the major


For the Excelsior Scholarship, students are required to enroll in 15 credits every semester, in addition to other rules.


In short, it is your responsibility to understand the specific requirements for your specific scholarship or aid package, as advisors do not have access to this information.

I have a question about my tuition bill and/or TAP Award. What should I do?


Any questions about billing, etc. should be directly to the Office of Student Accounts.

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